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Time wise Gottfried Lembcke is the first listed person on the fatherís side. He was born 1741. The Lemkeís are to have come from Salzburg. The Salzburg came 1731/32 from Salzburg to Prussia. They received an invitation from the Prussian king, who was Protestant, and wanted to help the Salzburg to escape the persecution of the Catholics.

Gottfried Lembcke was therefore then born 10 years after their arrival.

That my father came from the Salzburg, also, was often mentioned in my family.

I have once talked to my cousin Georg Neumann, a cousin on the motherís side, and he said that he came from the Salzburg, also from the fatherís side.

I now bring a quote from page 153 of the book "Gerhard Florey: Geschichte der Salzburger Protestanten und ihrer Emigration 1731/32" (History of the Salzburg Protestants and their emigration), 1986:

In Berlin, on the 2nd of February 1732, the King of Prussia signed a resolution, in which he declared himself to receive the protestant Salzburg in his land and to offer them there a new home. Because as a result the further destiny of the Salzburg Protestants was decided, the wording is here quoted:

"Royal Prussian patent, concerning the acceptance and reception of the protestant faith companions emigrating from the arch foundation Salzburg into his royal majesty's land.

We, Friedrich Wilhelm, King in Prussia by God's favour, Mark Count at Brandenburg, Arch Treasurer and Elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc. etc. Announce and hereby decree to know that we have resolved ourselves, out of Christ royal mercy and hearty compassion against our in the Arch Foundation Salzburg most violently besieged and persecuted Protestant faith relatives, since they merely for the sake of their faith and because they cannot decide to revoke it against better knowledge and conscience, being forced to leave their father land, to offer them the helpful and charitable hand, to receive them in our lands for that purpose and to put up and to look after in certain offices of our Kingdom Prussia.

Why then also ...

Salzburg is a city, which today lies in Austria, very close to the German border, see Das Deutsche Reich 1871-1918

So the Prussian king wanted to help the Salzburg to escape the persecution of the Catholics. What this persecution was like is stated in another book, of which I now also bring an extract.

The title of the book is "The Pilgrim Church", by E.H. Broadbent, 1931, 1989. The extract comes from page 170:

In Salzburg a meeting was surprised in the house of a pastor and a large number put to death. One girl of sixteen stirred such pity by her youth and beauty that all begged for her life, but as she would not recant, the executioner carried her in his arms to a horse-trough, held her under water until she was dead, and then laid her lifeless body on the flames.

So this gives an impression of where some of my forefathers come from and for what they stood up for.

Now I today have no problems to call such murder organizations like the Catholic Church a murder organization, and I also have no problems to show people, that all these man-made organizations, which call themselves churches, like the Catholic Church and the Protestant church, are inventions of the devil and have the purpose to oppose God and prevent people to find God and become real children of God.

And for this purpose of revealing the evil character of these evil institutions, I do the same, what those people did then in Salzburg: I take the word of God, because it is the best weapon against the devil and his followers, and in doing so I am in good company, because Jesus did exactly this, when he condemned those leaders of the children of God, who then nailed him to the cross.


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