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Seven Generations


When the talk was about ancestor research, then I heard the remark that no longer records were available before because the church books got lost in a fire.

The ancestors can therefore only be traced back to 1730 on the motherís side and 1741 on the fatherís side.

The Salzburger came therefore 1731/32 to East Prussia and were ancestors of my father and only from that time after this emigration documents are available and consequently none of the Salzburger before their emigration, before their arrival in Prussia.

The known ancestors all seem to have been farmers and that in a time, where farmers were already free men, had ownership, and were no longer dependent of some lords, and also had their rights.

In our family album there was a picture postcard, which showed the windmill in Potsdam and before stood the miller with the Old Fritz, therefore the Prussian King Frederick the Second. And the miller explained to his neighbour that the Old Fritz cannot forbid him operating his mill, because the noise disturbs him, because there is a court, which would give him the right to do so, and ensure him to live his life and practise his life work.

And this story with the miller and the king was a standard story in Prussia, which on one hand showed the reverence for the king, but also the rights gained by his citizens

I once visited Potsdam in the ninetieth of the last century and looked at the castle of the Old Fritz and also saw the windmill, and suddenly the wings of the windmill started to turn.

The next day I then read that it was a historic event, that it was for the first time after a long time, that after restoration works, that this windmill moved again.

But these known data about my ancestors indicate that, apart from the Salzburger, my ancestors have already before lived for generations in East Prussia and were at home there.

To now deal with one's ancestors can lead to something very useful, namely to do something very practical. One can pray the prayer of intercession for them. And that one can also do for people, who are no longer here on earth.

I now bring an information, a word, which comes from God, and which gives insight, what kind of situations can occur there on the other side:

Sin of omission. Remorse. Change in the hereafter.

3. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4791.

You will have to take responsibility for every sin of omission, for every unused opportunity, but you will not be reproached for it, but you will be reminded of it and now recognize yourselves, what you have missed and which advantage you forfeit as a result, and your remorse will be great. Because that is the punishment for your offence, which you can never forget and for that reason prepare for yourselves enormous self-agonies, which certainly are to be seen as just punishment, because you left Godís favours unnoticed on earth and cannot serve this offence differently than through deepest remorse over your hardness and your disobedience to Godís commands. And the agonies will only than become less, so you seek in the spiritual kingdom to act against your loveless life on earth Ė so you now practise out of own drive love to the souls, which must suffer like you and for which every act of love is a help. Then also you will feel the power of love; then you will seek to correct your wrong. But a small spark of light belongs to it, which gives you the recognition of your situation for which you are yourselves responsible, because as long as you do not possess this gleam of cognition, you are also not yet aware of the great omission on earth, because then you are only filled with selfishness, which would just like to improve the own fate, but not that of the other suffering souls. And this state can last long, according to the stubbornness of the will and the degree of self-love. Love must first be awakened, what certainly can happen through the prayer of a man on earth, who thinks in love of this soul. Then the soul is put in surroundings, which unspeakable many suffering souls inhabit, so that the first is to get to know pity through the suffering. Because the suffering is far greater than the own suffering. And now the soul must prove itself. Has it just one thought willing to help, then power flows to it to carry it out, and now a small light is lightened, which can no longer go out, because it feels being made happy inside and starts to think about the work in love and is supported in it by light beings, which instruct it in a disguise beneficial for the soul and prompt it to loving activity. And as soon as this state has occurred, it recognizes what it has neglected. Its remorse is great, but also the will to help increases, and the more it practises love, for which it is offered more than enough opportunity, the weaker becomes the feeling of remorse in the heart, because it is now so filled with thanks to God, who still now gives it the possibility to walk up, although it knows, that it can never make up for the neglected on earth, that it can never reach the highest degree of happiness. But it is happy being able to work in love and being relieved of its trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 4791.

It says there: "Love must first be awakened, what certainly can happen through the prayer of a man on earth, who thinks in love of this soul."

The prayer of intercession can therefore be a quite practical thing, where one does something for a person in the hereafter and helps him out of an unfortunate situation.

One can do this therefore also for relatives, perhaps for relatives, who one has known here on earth.

Here comes a link to a webpage, where further such messages from God are listed, which also deal with the prayer of intercession: Intercession.

Such spirit work is something, what one can always do, in every situation and at any time.

When I was busy writing the webpages of this website, I had at night a dream, where an uncle of mine came to me and took me with him to another uncle, who was ill and lay in a kind of bed, which was equipped with a device, and was treated there somehow. Over the chest was a wide vault like device put up.

After waking up it was immediately clear to me that this dream was a call for help to me, for this uncle, or for both uncles, to speak the prayer of intercession.

The word "speak" is here of course actually wrong, because one does not speak a right prayer, but one uses thought-transference. It is spiritual work, which one does there. One speaks with God and with other beings in thoughts and something like this is the universal language, which is understood everywhere, here and also in the hereafter.

We pray in spirit and in truth, and spirit is something spiritual, and also truth is something spiritual.


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