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When my oldest sister was born, the Third Reich was just half a year old. My mother received the visit of a lady of the village, a good acquaintance. Then this lady was still a good acquaintance; but that then cooled. This lady now asked my mother, how she then would name the girl. My mother knew that the husband of this lady was a Nazi and therefore she probably also, and therefore gave to this lady the answer: Oh, we will probably call her Adolphine Hitlericke. The lady was of course immediately aware that my mother wanted to have her on and was accordingly piqued.

There is a second story about giving names to children. When the son was born, my mother wanted to call him after his grandfathers: Gottfried-Leopold. And according to the account of my mother, my father cautioned her, that that could be dangerous, because then it could happen, that the son, when he is grown up, strikes her dead.

My father once explained to me, how the first part of my name is pronounced, in English, or rather in American; and that was definitely not the way my mother pronounced it.

So I had a clear picture, which part of my name was preferred by my mother, and which part of my name was preferred by my father.

My father was not very good at remembering names. We once visited my sister’s family, and my father wanted to draw the attention of his grandchild to himself, but had problems, because he could not remember the name of his grandchild.

My mother always set great store on that the name of her son was fully expressed. When visitors came to us, and asked for a person with the name of Frank, then my mother told them that such a person does not exist here. In the escape diary she also has, mostly, written the full name, but at some places she then only wrote the second part of the name. That can nicely be seen when a text is digitalized and one uses a search engine. But it would have certainly not happen to her that she would have written the first part of the name only.

My sister once told me that in the Third Reich my mother did ancestor research, and that she had found out that there were two Jews. And then said my sister to me, but do not tell anyone.

That story was actually not new to me. But what I thought to be interesting was that my sister asked me, not to tell anybody. Why did she do that? I at that time had little understanding for that, why I should not talk about it.

When this Third Reich, the thousand year empire, had come to an end, not after 1000 years, but after 12 years, my sister had 6 school years behind her and that in a system, of which she was very conscious that it was ill-disposed towards her and her family, and that probably also resulted in her growing up in an atmosphere of oppression and fear, and was conscious of the evil power of this system, and perhaps also felt that this system does not simply disappear, when it is militarily defeated, because the people of the system carry on, partly, to live and do not simply vanish, so as a system of government dematerializes.

My sister therefore had lived 12 years in the twelve-year empire and six years of that she went to school. I myself have lived six years in the thousand-year empire, therefore in National-Socialist reality 500 years, and did not go to school there, have therefore not got to know this atmosphere of suppression and hypnotizing in their schools, and had therefore probably also little feeling for the situation of my sister.

And this feeling that such a system does not simply vanish, is exactly in accordance with reality, because the system of Hitler and the system of Stalin are based on a higher, predominant system, that of atheism, and that does not just carry on to exist, but is growing, and that rapidly.

And that Communism and National-Socialism fight each other, is indeed just the proof that they belong to the same system, the system of fighting, of disunity, of evil.

And that again makes it also understandable that the different denominations, the different sects, fight each other and have disputes, because they belong to the same system, which fights God, and is attached to the regiment of Antichrist and has been invented by him.

These two systems of Stalin and Hitler were just the prelude of that, what is to come. True atheism will only show itself in all its cruelty in future. The predictions of the seers very nicely describe it.

And these coming events are of course also a reason why I deal with the content of this website. How a totalitarian system works, can be very helpful to know, when one does not want to take part in it and when one does want to go the way to the abyss.

Today one defines a Jew as a person, who has Jewish forefathers. But that is of course the wrong beginnings, because the definition of a Jew is given by the great-grandfather of David. He, Boaz, says about his future wife Ruth, in Ruth 2:11-12:

It hath fully been shewed me, all that thou hast done unto thy mother in law since the death of thine husband: and how thou hast left thy father and thy mother, and the land of thy nativity, and art come unto a people which thou knewest not heretofore. The LORD recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the LORD God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust.

That one is a true Jew, who comes under the wings of the Lord God of Israel. Therefore all we are the true Jews, who have come to the Lord.

When God came to earth and visited his children, the leaders of the children of God persecuted him and nailed him to the cross and therefore those are the true children of God, who do not follow the clerics, but those, who come under the wings of the Lord, the God of Israel, to take refuge there.

I now also had, at least, two teachers, who were Nazis. They were certainly de-Nazified, but that was just a matter of form, to be again able to work in their profession; in reality there had been no change, and they were absolutely able teachers, but in certain situations they then made it quite clear, what their beliefs were. But those were their opinions, and were considered by me simply as a matter, which was the case with many people around me. But there was no political will of the school authorities or of the state any more to influence us negatively, quite the opposite, I can remember how we took popular little Bleyle diaries, or how they might have been called, and over painted all the National-Socialist entries with black ink. Today I would like to have this information to make fun of such nice titles like Obergruppenführer or Obersturmbannführer.

As one can see from this text, I have taken over the habit of my mother to take slogans of the Nazis and to use them against them, to have them on. It is a way to not getting hypnotized by a system.

For example the title "Größter Führer aller Zeiten" (greatest leader of all times) was popular with my mother and me, but of course in the shortened version: Gröfatz.

My mother knew the popularity of titles and gave people titles, often in strongly excessive form, like calling a postman a post-office director.

I now bring extracts from webpages.

First an extract from "Book of Life " from the book "The Man-Made Church" by Frank L. Preuss.

My mother was in a similar situation that required courage. The evil system we lived in did not allow people to move out of the zone of fighting; the motto was that every square metre of soil had to be defended and was not allowed to be given up, also not by the civilians. Disobedience was punished with death. The two probably most vicious and biggest armies in the history of men were fighting each other and we were right in between. On a Sunday my mother decided to take us all and move out of that area. When she did this, she was very much aware of the fact that she risked to be hanged by the officials of the system we lived in, but she had, as well as my father had, in all the years of this dictatorship practised moral resistance against people who acted in evil ways. So taking risks was normal practice. When these officials then sentenced my mother to death by order of court martial she accused these "judges" of doing a bad job because, she said, they should have sentenced all the people with her also to death and not just her, because they had committed the same crime as she had. These other people were her mother - my grandmother - and us children. She also told them that they should rather fight the enemy and therefore help to protect the civilians that tried to escape and not fight their own people and hinder them to get out of the war zone. These "judges," hearing the bold words of my mother, lost that little courage they still had and gave up and told my mother to just get on with the move away from the fighting. Now just the other day, decades after these happenings, I received a report written about a man who also did not obey the orders of the officials of that time. But he did not go as far as my mother went. He was the manager of a large agricultural business in our area and when the fighting came closer he started to make preparation for all the people to move out of that area. The report says, that the slightest thought of moving was officially prohibited. So he did it in secret. This however did not remain a secret. The well-organized dictatorship found out about it. He was ordered to appear at the local government office and there he received the order to cancel all preparations. If he would not obey he was threatened with execution by firing squad. This man also did not obey this order. The welfare of the many people under his leadership was more important for him than his life. He was a man of courage. Now this report says that the order for the civilians to move out of that area, the area that was also our area, came on Sunday, commanding them to start their exit the next morning at eight o'clock. Now this was Monday morning eight o'clock. This report also states that this date was much too late. They managed to leave on Monday four o'clock in the afternoon. We had left a day earlier, on Sunday, because my mother disobeyed the order not to move. This man and his whole group only disobeyed the order not to do any preparation work, but they obeyed the order to stay put and only moved after they had got permission. We started on Sunday and they started on Monday, a day later. Now this one day made quite a difference.

We moved straight in the direction of safety and freedom. But they could not do this anymore, they had been encircled. So they had to move in the direction of the sea and there they were trapped. Cold weather started and the water started to freeze over and people started to use the sheet of ice that formed on the surface of the water as a route of escape, but many sank into the freezing cold water and drowned or froze to death. Now this man and his group had the strength to withstand this temptation and they waited until the sheet of ice was strong enough to carry them. People of their group died but most of them succeeded and arrived at the other side of the bay and escaped.

Other people, especially those that had made no preparations, started to move away even later or never moved. Many of these were captured and many got killed by the invading forces. And the ones that got killed were considered by the survivors as being lucky, because their own fate was worse. The suffering was terrible and those that survived torture, rape and hunger were looking towards decades of enslavement.

So I was lucky. The fact that my mother was led by the spirit caused me to come out of this terrible time without any suffering. I never got hungry, we were never captured, nobody got killed, nor injured, no part of my body ever got frostbite. At one day of our escape and after a long march we found rest on a market place and planned to spend at least a day of rest there. But suddenly my mother told everybody to get ready and to start moving again. She met much opposition, but she prevailed and people grudgingly started to move again - they knew my mother. A couple of hours later that day, when we had put several kilometres of distance between us and that place, we got the report that that market place where we had been, had been the target of a military attack by the enemy and artillery and aircraft had caused a great mess there and many had died or were injured. And nothing had happened to us.

Why not? Because my mother had access to the Book of Life. She had access, unconsciously, to information about the future. And not only that, she also acted on this information. She did something about it.

In that conflict millions got killed. And what happened to me?

A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Psalm 91:7.

It never came near me. The closest I ever came to some military action was a day when there was a terrific noise in the air and the heaven was covered with aeroplanes. But that was all. I never even saw a dead person.

The Lord saved me from all trouble.

So keep in mind the scripture that says, "We ought to obey God rather than men."

In Acts 4:19 a similar statement is found: But Peter and John answered and said unto them, Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God, judge ye.

The more we are yielding to the leading of the spirit the more we will hearken unto God and hear his voice and receive information from the Book of Life.

My mother was led by the spirit. A by-product of this was that she practised detachment. Now how would I know that? I was just a child and how would I be able to make a judgement of such a spiritual attitude? I know because my mother kept a diary. And this is available today. In this time of high stress, a time of persecution from our own people and brutal attack from the enemy side, and that in combination with severe weather like strong frost and blizzards and chaotic road conditions, roads overcrowded with military movements and refugees, a time of planning escape routes all the time and organizing the basics for life like food, and if possible accommodation, my mother made time available every evening to sit down and write down the events of the day. She played the role of an observer. She was detached. She was definitely not playing the role of the victim. She was able to step back and put a distance between herself and what was happening. She was like a lioness fighting for her offspring and that without losing her cool.

When I was young I often thought that our family should have gone to America when the dictators took over our country. My father had lived in America and it would have been easy for him to just go back there and take us with him. We then would not only have avoided living in a totalitarian state, but we also would have avoided war and destruction and loss of property. But what is life all about? Learning to grow - grow spiritually - and to use life's happenings for this purpose. My parents had the opportunity, by remaining in that country, to test their courage in the face of a deadly opposition to them from the organization that had gained power over the people, and then to overcome all the problems resulting from war and fighting and destruction. And I myself got so much to observe and experience in the first few years after becoming conscious of what was going on around me that I today would never want to miss it. I could have grown up in America and lived in a prosperous surrounding and in peace and far away from terror regimes and warfare. Instead I grew up with war all around me. I thought that war was normal life. When the war ended and when then also later the country started to prosper and not only had peace but also freedom and wellbeing, I really enjoyed it and thought that it was a great idea. I thought that it was a good idea - an idea worth to fight for.

So our aim is to get more and more into the habit to be led by the spirit. If we talk about faith - and levels of faith - then we know that the highest level is that of a victorious living Christian who speaks the word of faith out of his mouth and that this spoken word will accomplish what it says. Things are going to happen. He calls things that are not as though they were. But there are lower levels. There is the level of great faith. People who believe in the word of God have great faith. They believe that things will happen when another believer speaks - or prays - that then things are going to change. And then there is the third level: when a person makes use of a point of contact to get faith activated. They might want another person to lay hands on them or they might want that the shadow of a very "faithful" person falls on them and then they believe that they will get healed.

It is similar in being led by the spirit. Also there exists what we have called a point of contact. Let us have a look at an example.

When I now consider the life of my mother, then I have learned, among many other things, that my mother often unnecessarily created problems, which were avoidable. This happened by her causing them unintentionally, that she spoke about them and called them by name.

As child I was sometimes ill, but as I became spiritually awakened and born again, I have dealt intensively with the word of God and studied it and particularly also the aspects of faith, of speaking and the healing of all kinds of sicknesses, and after that lived a life without sickness and that is something very satisfying.

But I also studied the reason in detail, why men are sick und remain sick and have written about this thoroughly.

There is a sickness mentality and one can diagnose it most easily when one listens to what people really say.

Alone already the speaking about sicknesses should be completely avoided. I have sent to many people my book "How to Measure Your Beliefs" and am then astonished when they send me letters and again and again comeing up with their sicknesses and the sicknesses of other people.

They are sick themselves and do not realize that the reason for their being sick is their sickness mentality.

With the thinking and the speaking and the writing about their state of health they create that what they experience.

My mother had often spoken about her sicknesses. Also about her doctor and about other doctors.

That also had an effect on her children. The matter with the appendix of my sister could have been a direct effect of my mother. When the appendix problem was no longer talked into her to believe, because suddenly very much more urgent problems existed, also the problem with the appendix had disappeared.

My mother was of the opinion, death must be caused by some sickness. That simply the spirit leaves the body without there having been a sickness, does not seem to be imaginable. It is probably based on the habit of doctors having to always give a reason for a death.

Immediately at the beginning of the escape diary, 21. January 1945, my mother writes that her father died of embolism, and that her mother died of heart failure.

As far as I can remember the announcement of the death of her mother, she died peacefully – without having been sick.

On her bedside table laid a book with spiritual content.

Sickness is also often used to manipulate. When her children were out of the house and her husband deceased, my mother was no longer sick.

I once heard how my mother said to her sister that her husband simply has no understanding for her suffering. My father had no understanding for complaining, for groaning, for wailing, and when he then perhaps sought to get my mother away from her negative attitude, then he was unsuccessful.

But my mother has then later in life still made a correction and paid attention to her words and was no longer sick.



Autumn 1958 in Bad Salzdetfurth
From left:
1. Lina Preuß, née Mattern, born on 21.04.1900 in Kranthau
2. Walter Preuß, born on 28.03.1898 in Neuendorf
married on 30.03.1930 in Eckersdorf


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