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Peter Goreci


My mother writes the following in the escape diary on the 21.01.1945:

Except of my mother were our three children Ellinor, Irene and Frank-Leopold and the Pole Peter Goreci on the wagon, therefore 6 people. Peter Goreci was c. 4 years before as foreign worker already active on our farm. Peter and I took turns on the 10 weeks escape with horse steering; he so helped me with this very much, to bring my family to Bad Salzdetfurth, despite Peter having in Poland himself a small farm, wife and children. With great gratitude he is remembered at this point.

The term "foreign worker" was then probably a polite description of people, who actually were not workers. Because nowadays one calls a worker someone, who accepts a work, and that then voluntariness prevails on both sides. The worker decides to work, voluntarily, and the employee decides, voluntarily, to provide work.

But this voluntariness was not given in the case of Peter Goreci and also not on the side of the employee, my parents. My parents had not been asked whether they wanted to give Peter work, and Peter was not asked, whether he wanted to accept work.

The only thing that counted was the aim to conquer the world, and there no-one was asked whether he wanted to take part in that. There was a dictatorship, and one did what one got dictated.

Both the employee, as well as the employer, were actually slaves; slaves in this dictatorship.

In a wider sense we are all, also today, slaves. Because we all were once gods, created in the image of God, and had then the impertinence to turn against God, and God had, as the only possibility to reverse this, because he had equipped his creatures with free will, to make slaves out of us, or to imprison us; for one thing to prevent us from further impertinence, and for another thing to rehabilitate us.

As slaves on this earth we indeed have some liberties, but are in important points still slaves. We for example cannot decide, generally, the end of our stay here on earth, in the body, when it will be. We are imprisoned in our body. We are attracted by this planet earth, and that to quite an extent; one can feel this, when one tries to jump up a couple of metres.

We indeed also have the free decision about our will, but whether God then also permits the carrying out of our will, that is already a completely different matter.

They also then had made the free decision to conquer the world, but the carrying out did not then succeed so as they had imagine it. I have experienced that very tangibly.

My mother writes that Peter Goreci was already active c. 4 years before as foreign worker on our farm.

And that was in the year 1945. And 4 years before was 1941. And that was after the attack of the Hitlerists and the Stalinists on Poland, which started 1939; the beginning of the Second World War.

And after that the Poles were then made to slaves. And we were already slaves.

Therefore I grew up in slavery.

I once played, and a few, other, slaves sat around and one of them, perhaps also a Pole, showed me a self-made jumping jack. He held it hanging on a piece of string and he then pulled a piece of string, which hang below, and the jumping jack did that what a jumping jack does; it swung its arms and legs up and down.

And I was observed how perhaps my reaction would be.

And then this man gave me this toy as a gift, and I was well aware that it had not been so simple for him in his limitation of means to produce such a toy.

And then there was my great favourite, a young girl with the name of Tatyana.

One of her tasks was also to take care of me.

She had me on her arm and stood in the dining room, which was a large room, and the actual living room was smaller, and was used by me to have my after-lunch sleep, on the sofa. After-lunch sleep was holy with my parents and for all of us on the farm, also for, other, slaves. Our allowance man was a man who worked on our farm, and received an allowance, that were probably food and perhaps wood. My parents had built a house for him and gave him as a gift a sofa – for the after-lunch sleep.

Suddenly my father came in and saw us two and said to Tatyana, give me the boy. And Tatyana asked him, why. My father said, give him to me. And Tatyana replied, why then. And my father said, because I want to beat him. And Tatyana asked, why then. And my father said, because he is a boy. And Tatyana asked, what has that then to do with it. And my father said, because all boys always do bad things. She disputed this; my father made a step towards her, she a step away from him, and with all these activities I sat there in Tatyana’s arms and thought the whole game was wonderful.

And I also thought Tatyana to be wonderful.

Half a century later I talked to my Aunt Gertrud, the second youngest sister of my mother, and we spoke about the last days in Kranthau, and she reported that on the 21. January 1945 she came to our farm to fetch her nephew Georg Neumann, the son of her older sister Ida. The oldest of the six sisters, and the mother of Georg, had asked her for it. She now came after we had already left the farm, for ever, at least for me for ever. We were therefore gone. But she came across Tatyana.

The two women now had a conversation, and then went into the house, and Tatyana made a couple of fried eggs for my aunt and then Tatyana told my aunt, that that, what we had made, the family Preuß, to flee, had been something completely unnecessary.

She explained to my aunt that the Russian people are exactly such a civilized people as the Germans, and that they also behave exactly so civilized and that we, the family Preuß, should have stayed there and should not have run away.

I have often thought about this report of my aunt, and also thought, how the meeting of Tatyana with her liberators might have taken place.

That was Tatyana and the 21. January 1945.

When after the war in our family the conversation came to the then slaves, then my mother reported, that whenever new slaves arrived on our farm, she made a speech to the slaves and told them insistently that they would get on this farm the same food as all others, therefore also those of the family itself, but that at that moment, where the slaves would go into the village after work or at the weekend and tell the slaves there, what kind of food they are getting with the family Preuß, then that would stop immediately and they would get that food, that the state describes for them, therefore food, which would turn out to be considerably poorer.

Then there was the Pole Peter – and the 21. January 1945.

He was now Pole and the Poles were the friends of those powers, which were supposed to be ruled by the Germans, exactly the same way as the country Poland, but resisted this matter, and now thought, to put an end to German great power striving, and to defeat it, unconditionally.

And now it seemed that this matter of the allied forces was successful.

The behaviour of the family Preuß, to hastily leave the place, which had served the family for centuries as home, seemed to point very strongly to the fact, that the victorious powers should become victorious powers.

And the victorious powers now stood before the door and one could reckon any moment now that they became visible and that the liberation out of slavery would occur – for Peter.

He would then be free, could return to a free Poland, to his family and live happily and satisfied until the end of his days.

And what does Peter do?

He goes to Mrs Preuß and asks her, whether she would allow him to flee with her.

His trust in his friends, the victorious powers, does not seem to be overwhelming.

And this mistrust in the victorious powers will then be once again, after the end of the war, after the victory of the victorious powers, be confirmed as being justified, but we will still deal with that.

And Mrs Preuß immediately sees much positive things in Peter’s request and thinks it to be quite naturally, suited to the condition, and agrees.

And so Peter remains a slave, under slaves, and spends, with family Preuß, 10 weeks on the escape, and is a great help for all.

And then all arrive on the 29.03.1945 in Bad Salzdetfurth, and the slave relationship arrives there as well – unchanged.

10 days later Mr Hitler is then relieved of his responsibilities and Mr Roosevelt takes over from him.

Peter is now a free man.

As from now his friends have the say, no longer his enemies.

He no longer lives in a dictatorship. He is a free man.

Economically the people and he are not exactly well off, but probably much better, than the areas now liberated.

He could now get into contact with his family and perhaps they could come to him and they could live together again. That would also mean that his family would now leave the new dictatorship, that of Stalin, and now also live in freedom.

And when one then still also considers that this Germany, the western part, could rise in a few years to be the richest country in the world, then the future could look quite rosy.

His friends will, certainly, help him getting all these things under way.

But his friends, at least those in the west, have made the mistake, having made a pact with the devil.

They did not rely on God, but on his opponent.

And so they are lost.

And Peter.

His friends take him, and enslave him a second time and send him as slave again into a new, much worse slavery, back to Poland.

And Poland has once again lost.

The friends have, once again, proved themselves not as friends at all.

And that continues. Poland thinks being able to rely on friends in the west and forgets the only true friend.

When I now compare the life of Peter with that of Tatyana, then a situation arises with Peter, where he, before his enslavement, lived as free man and therefore knew to appreciate this life, perhaps particularly then, when he lost his freedom.

Tatyana was perhaps 20 years old then and will probably have spent all her life in dictatorships. She probably never got to know anything else than dictatorship, first that of Stalin, then that of Hitler, and then again that of Stalin. She has probably never had the possibilities to compare and to measure the value of a life in freedom. She probably started school in the system of communism and grew up in it and was consequently hypnotized by it right from the beginning and has therefore accepted it as normal and good.

Tatyana saw the arrival of the army of her people as something that would not change her life.

Peter on the other hand saw the approaching of the Red Army exactly as threatening as we saw it, and wanted to rescue himself from it. He therefore saw this army certainly not as something that would give him again freedom.

And that has proven to be really so. The Poles only came from one dictatorship into another. He had the chance to escape the second dictatorship, but the western allies betrayed him.

Tatyana then lived in a dictatorship, which was run by her people, but Peter was worse off; the dictatorship which ruled him, was that of foreigners.

The west, under the leadership of the Americans, has then betrayed the Poles, and in the next century the Iraqi.

There exists an interesting map, Poland: German Soviet Occupation Border of 1939-41, and it shows this German Soviet Occupation Border, the result of the Hitler Stalin Pact or the Ribbentrop Molotov Pact or the Nazi Soviet Pact, 1939.


Peter probably came from the blue part of Poland, that part of Poland, that the Germans conquered and oppressed, but from the green part, which the Soviets conquered and oppressed, he will certainly also have received much news, and those were perhaps much worse than the ones from the western part.

One just has to imagine, what the Poles had to go through. Western Poland was therefore conquered and enslaved by the Germans. Then it was conquered by the Soviets and also enslaved, just much longer.

And eastern Poland was conquered by the Soviets, therefore from the east, and shortly after that by the Nazis, from the west. That lasted a bid longer. Then it was again conquered from the east and now it was not just only enslaved, but additionally also still driven out, robbed of their homeland, and chased to the west, there were the Germans had been driven out and there they then lived also decades in slavery.

Peter probably saw himself in a situation on the 21. January 1945, where he had a relative good life, but which could become hell within a couple of hours, which he wanted to escape.

This German Soviet occupation border was now also the eastern border of East Prussia and when Germany then, 1941, attacked the Soviet Union, this attack then, also, started from East Prussia.

I now bring a report of my cousin Waltraud Hilke, née Gehrmann:

When the war broke out in September 1939, I was in the immediate vicinity of the happenings. For half a year I was on a teaching farm, close to the Weichsel River near Marienwerder; in the house was a command centre, a command post; so I had first-hand knowledge of the course of the first battles at the border to Poland. After the end of my apprenticeship and after the attendance of the agricultural school in Marienwerder, I came back to Löpen and Dorothee went to the farm near Marienwerder, to have also there her practical training. In the year 1941 we were both again in Löpen and Aunt Lina invited us in June to Kranthau. We drove with bicycles through the countryside of our beautiful Oberland (upper land) and arrived in Kranthau in the afternoon; went to bed early. The next morning Aunt Lina came to us upstairs into the room, woke us and opened one window to the east; there we heard the distance thunder of the guns; the attack on Russia had started. Downstairs at the small radio we then heard the screeching voice of the propaganda leader, Goebbels, who announced the attack. For us this was the beginning of the end, and the start of infinite suffering and fates.

That must have been about 150 km away, perhaps at the south east border of East Prussia, where the thunder of guns came from.

Peter probably had no reason to expect something good from the Soviets. They had raped and massacred Poland, exactly like the Nazis.

But this map "Poland: German Soviet Occupation Border of 1939-41" very nicely demonstrates that Stalinism and Hitlerism are fundamentally one and the same thing. In principle there is no difference; both want to conquer the world; both are atheistic and both fight against God and for Antichrist, the prince of this world, and both fight against each other.

Waltraud writes, For us this was the beginning of the end, and the start of infinite suffering and fates.

God writes this:

Maturing of the soul through suffering. God's care. World and God.

18. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4672.

What is to your spiritual advantage, is intended for your earth life for eternity, and for that reason you can consider as imposed on you by me everything, all experience, difficulty and gloom, joyous and elevating things, which just aims to achieve the maturation of your soul. And when you consider the course of your life from this point of view, nothing is to press, nothing to burden and nothing to frighten you – all is to your best. Every experience can help you to mature; you can benefit from it for your souls, when you always recognize me as him, who lets it happen to you, and remain connected to me, by you always directing the look up, to your father, who wants to shape you to his children on this earth. Fear and worry are invalid, when you present them to me, that I help you. You never stand alone, when you tolerate me next to you, i.e. not wanting to stand alone, but never eliminate me out of your life; when you completely leave your thinking, wanting and acting to me, that I do it for you; that I direct you and you now just carry out my will. How carefree and with a light heart can you men cover the earth way, when you would just like to always go with me. But the world often pushes itself separating between you and me; the world stands close before your eyes, while you neglect me, even so you want to belong to me. The world is still too important to you; you do not see its uselessness, because you still stand in the midst of the world. But as soon as you can put me before the world, as soon as you succeed to always put me in front, then the world will also no longer burden you; it will not worry you; it will be overcome by you easily, and you will be master over everything what approaches you from the side of the world. Make the attempt; let me care for you, and full of faith hand over yourselves to my protection and my care; fulfil your duty first to me, i.e., give full expression to my word; be eagerly active for me and my kingdom – by you also announcing my will to fellowmen, by you always pointing their actual purpose out to them and prompt them to work on their souls and send them what you receive from me – my word, which enlightens them, where they still walk in darkness. Also draw the attention of your fellowmen to the fact that I direct the fate of all men; that nothing comes over men without meaning and purpose; that only the spiritual ascent development is purpose of all happenings and that everything is bearable, when I am asked for help and am acknowledged as director and creator from eternity and am asked as father for my care. Warn them to forget me over the world, then the earth life way of every individual man will be easily passable, and his soul will benefit from every experience. Because I only aim at achieving of the maturation of the soul, when you have to go through suffering; but you yourselves can make it bearable for you, when you pay attention to my word and always let me go next to you. Because I am your father and always only want the best for my children. Amen. B.D. NR. 4672.


Waltraud writes, For us this was the beginning of the end, and the start of infinite suffering and fates.

What is to Waltraud's spiritual advantage, is intended for her earth life for eternity, and for that reason she can consider as imposed on her by God everything, all experience, difficulty and gloom, joyous and elevating things, which just aims to achieve the maturation of her soul.

In her letters to me Traute again and again mentions her health and financial problems and those are therefore things she writes about, she talks about, she things about. And since she is created in God's own image, she creates exactly in the same way as God, but she should exactly like God create good things, not things, which harm her. But God has given us a free will.

I now write this for that reason because this case is a good example, how one should not do it.

And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light.

And Traute said, "Let there be darkness," and there was darkness.

Waltraud writes, For us this was the beginning of the end, and the start of infinite suffering and fates.

The effects of that what Traute here writes, one can study on this website quite nicely. Traute expresses such things and has results accordingly in her life. But when I then think of the expressions of my mother, which she makes in the escape diary, then I cannot remember that she expresses such negative things - and also not that she had such negative effects.

What I write here is the product of my thought processes and they are accessable to the beings in the hereafter and those of them that are mentioned here on this website and have now already moved to the other side, can easily have insight into these thought processes of mine and benefit from them.


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